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released March 8, 2013



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Vital Nerve San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Put My Pain To Rest
How can I forget the things I regret
When the weight of the world lays on my chest
Smiling seems so foriegn I must confess
And I'd give my life to put this pain to rest

Take a look at my apartment building and you’ll see a fucking light on
I cant sleep, just think about the things that I’ve done wrong
Three thirty in the morning, I’m on the ledge of my building

My latest obsessions
Is falling deep in depression
Losing sleep, contemplating my mortality
letting things get the best of me
Over-analyzing everything

And this schedule goes on for weeks
And it brings me to my fucking knees

“At this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can’t cope anymore”
Just like Ian Curtis said.
Track Name: Numb
The echoes of your fucking voice still haunt me
They'll haunt me til' the last breath I fucking breathe
That night my world was shook to the fucking core
I'm still broken, maybe worse than before
I want you (to know you took my innocence)
I need you (to know I haven't felt whole since)

And it's people like you who need love the most
But it's people like you deserve it the fucking least

You took a bright-eyed kid and made him numb and callous
He’ll live a life heavy hearted, confused, unbalanced.
Track Name: Black Clouds
Sometimes I look back on my life
and I'd wonder if I'd go through it twice
never have I ever said yes
never have I ever said yes

My one chance of life went to hell
I wouldn’t wish upon anyone else
Heartache grew to anger
True feelings I knew

My struggles taught me so much
but once was enough
I've learned my lessons and I'm through

Black clouds have been hanging since birth
They will always remind me of how little I'm worth

Come from a place
That you're destined to fail
So-called friends
Are destined to bail
They’ll drag you down
They’ll drag you down
Put you through hell
They'll leave you all abandoned and to fend for your fucking self

Black clouds have been hanging since birth
They will always remind me of how little I'm worth
Track Name: Restless Mind
Hard times never left me when everyone disappeared
This comes straight from a heart that isn’t here
And all the atrocities that I’ve caused in the past
Cloud my head, fond memories never stood a chance

If this doesn’t kill me tonight
The burdens of tomorrow will

now they plague me
now they break me

what I would give to forget
take away the part where my hatred is kept
get away from my restless mind
have happiness of any kind

now they plague me
now they break me
and how they plague me
and how they break me
Track Name: Iced Out
Waging wars with the wolves from my past
I wasn’t strong enough then
But now they’ll feel my wrath

Understand that with the passing of time
I got a tight grip on reality
The blatant lies you chose to spread
I thought they’d haunt me til’ my death

Now you’re pounding on my door
Acting like we’re friends
I won’t answer
Never again

ice you out.

Times changed, and you changed for the worst
No longer the man I used to fear

Cast aside my whole life
Fueled my fire, fueled my rage and my pride
I overcame the problems life threw at me
In hopes to see that one day of your suffering

You can never live a day in this world
You’ll never have the upper hand on me
Track Name: The Burden Continues
Hey kid, I was just like you
Just a little bit lost and a lot more confused
wishing everything would be alright
losing hours of sleep in the dead of night
I'm telling you kid, the weather doesn't get better
I'm telling you kid, everything will stay the same

The weather doesn't get better
Just pouring rain

We’ve been burdened with this haunted curse
Dark days ahead, prepare for the worst
Set up for failure since the day we were born.

Just pouring rain
Track Name: Fear Inside You
I took your fucking side
It drained my fucking life
and I'll never be the same again

Remember when we were friends?
Remember way back then?
Now I put the fear inside of you

I won't stop hating
Until heart stops beating
I won't stop screaming
Until my lungs stop breathing
I won't stop hating
Until my blood stops bleeding
I won't stop hating
Until my eyes stop seeing red
Track Name: Pull You Down With Me
Premonitions of how hard my futures gonna be
I feel it in my bones
I'll head down this dismal life alone
to keep trouble away I'll keep a heart of stone
Death has took a liking to me
And his best friend misery
Constantly suffocating me with his presence
It’s hell on earth, it's a life sentence
Just stay away from me
Bad news is all I bring
Just stay away from me
I’ll pull you down with me
Track Name: The Night I Called It A Day
I was worn thin, now I'm worn out
Never knowing what life's like not worrying about
The little thing people take for granted
It's left me jaded and empty handed

Society cast the first stone
Crucified and all alone
My conscience kept silent
and my havoc reigned
attitude defiant
no consequence can phase

If so many judgmental people
had some faith in me
I could've been more than what the
what the eye could see

In my eyes
I had the worst of times
a constant thought resonates in my head
I am a waste of life and I am better off dead

I'm a perfect example of the worst human being
and my heart gets less fragile with the peril I see
I tried my hardest to make it in this town
I have failed most and I have let them down

A kid shouldn't have demons to fight
since the day of his birth
looked down upon so young
and deemed the scum of the earth

I'm now an empty man
who had a fucked up start
I was a kid with a sincere heart
until this world tore it apart

I learned my lessons the hard way
Hoped for mercy that never came
I hate this fucking world
and it hates me just the same

I'm a waste of life and I show it
I'm better off dead and I know it

Take look around see the broken spirits roam the streets
They're the living proof of the ones who let failure succeed
I fee this is me, I can no longer compete
There's just no fight left in me
I've felt this for years and I feel it now more than ever
I've welled up these tears at the thought of the ties I'll sever
I've hoped for a brighter day but I believe hope dies today

I've let every aspect of life defeat me
I've withstood hardships that would leave another man empty
So I find solace in death, a friend I know all too well
Eagerly awaiting my last breath,'Cause I'm no stranger to hell

Carry me away to my early grave
There's no heartbeat here
There's no soul to save

no heartbeat. no soul.
I've lost all control.