Not Everyone Wishes You Well

by Vital Nerve



released January 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Vital Nerve San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Bitter As Hell
Everything that you said to me 
And the things you did are fucking dead to me
And it kills me to think that a friendship could sink
So goddamn fucking fast

I don't even think my shoulder 
could get anymore colder
It'll stay this way until my hate gets older

I take some pills to stay to stay awake on the floor
So I could stay up later and hate you some more

If you can't already tell
I'm still bitter as hell.
Track Name: Put My Pain To Rest
How can I forget the things I regret
When the weight of the world lays on my chest
Smiling seems so foriegn I must confess
And I'd give my life to put this pain to rest
Take a look at my apartment building and you’ll see a fucking light on
I cant sleep, just think about the things that I’ve done wrong
Three thirty in the morning, I’m on the ledge of my building

My latest obsessions
Is falling deep in depression
Losing sleep, contemplating my mortality
letting things get the best of me
Over-analyzing everything

And this schedule goes on for weeks
And it brings me to my fucking knees

“At this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can’t cope anymore”
Just like Ian Curtis said.
Track Name: Fair-Weather Friends
Fair-weather friends in this city I’m in
This place is fucking littered with them
A piss poor excuse for somebody who cares
But when I need someone, no one is ever there

High hopes in low places
Same dreams with familiar faces
Your life is yours, do as you please
But I’m gone, cause this place was never home for me

Live the life of mediocrity
Just doesn’t sit right with me
But as soon as I leave, you turn your back on me
Fuck me for living life to the fullest

The days I want to end so quick feels like they take god damn years
But I want to escape this place so bad
It’s the breeding ground for my greatest fear

The fear of settling for less
The way my ‘friends’ all did

These flickering street lights 
should give up on this town
Cause this place is worthless
It’s better off burned to the fucking ground.
Track Name: I Have A Conscience
These lies are spread thin
For thousands of years
The same stories told
Instilled in brainwashed ears
Like sheep to the slaughter
Submit your life to faith
The world spins fucking fast
We're running out of time

From the dawn of humanity
We never knew like this
Destroying all the miscreants
For opening their eyes
Following this path of endless oppression
The lies leading the blind
No savior to catch me when I fall
No savior to catch me at the end of it all.
Track Name: World Without You
These blackened nights, burnt out lights
Morning gripes, and the bare walls surrounding
Are the only things in my life
That haven’t left me
I've fallen so far from where I want to be
how much failure can one man see

As of late, I’ve been staying at home
Drinking late, sleeping alone
So I'll start drinking, and I'll stop thinking
And drown these memories

‘Cause I’m not stopping, I’m not stopping
I’m not fucking stopping till the pain goes away
Or until I pass out
Which ever comes first, which ever comes first
And I know I'll feel the pain when I wake again
So I’ll say a toast and fucking hope that I never wake up again

I still blame you for everything
Everything was all your fault
Just open your mouth, swallow the fucking truth
And take it with a grain of fucking salt
I still blame you for everything
I still blame you

I used to think the world about you
Now I wish the world was without you
You left me with nothing
But these burnt out lights and blackened nights
I can’t explain to you, the feeling inside of me
You would never understand
And just for me to get a fucking ounce of sleep
I have to finish the ounces from the flask in my hand.